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Escape Rooms Tel Aviv - For Family & Friends

Looking for a fun night out with family or friends? Questair Escape Rooms Tel Aviv is just the thing you need. our WOW escape rooms...

Escape rooms are a common and modern/new age attraction all over the world. They conquered the friends, family and companies group activities.

escape rooms spread like mushrooms in the market. It is important to choose the best ones and the ones that are most recommended.

What Is an Escape Room?

Are you wondering what is an escape room? Think of it as a live quest or game of Clue. They’re usually one or several large rooms that have a theme to them.

In most escape rooms, you’re in the room with your group and you have 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and problems to escape.

Escape Rooms Are Great Entertainment...

Do you think getting locked with friends is fun?! Guess again - Of course.

Escape rooms are challenging the mind, sharpening your creativity and they make the group more connected.

It's not just another attraction... It will make you feel like a kid again; Competitive, Fun, Challenging, and think outside the box.

So how to choose an Escape room:

We operate 3 Top-Rated and recommended escape rooms in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Flight 301 - the "WOW" room, #1 room in Israel. good for everyone - hard & Challenging.

Project X - the "Oh my gosh" room, Flowing, Smart, and satisfying.

Mercer 112 - the "I have to win it" room. the hardest and most challenging room in our compound.


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