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קווסטר חדרי בריחה, Escape rooms, המטוס
קווסטר חדרי בריחה, Escape rooms, המטוס

Recommended Escape Rooms in Tel Aviv

Escape Room Quest Room - טיסת לילה


קווסטר חדרי בריחה, Escape rooms, המטוס,פרויקט X,PROJET X,אסקייפ רום
קווסטר חדרי בריחה, Escape rooms, המטוס,anti gravity,איינשטיין,אסקייפ רום

112 MERCER St.

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קווסטר חדרי בריחה, Escape rooms, המטוס

Unique Experience

Escape room Games are the hottest new attraction around the globe and QuestAir is a must.    stop destination while you’re in tel aviv, israel. designed by air force veterans, the rooms offer a unique experience available only in israel! 

קווסטר חדרי בריחה, Escape rooms, המטוס,אסקייפ רום

Group Activities 

 a great way to build relationships and put your group in situations where cooperation and leadership matter. we host large groups, birthdays & corporate events

קווסטר חדרי בריחה, Escape rooms, המטוס,אסקייפ רום

Near Entertainment Venues

walking distance from restaurants, bars and cafes in sarona and azrieli

קווסטר חדרי בריחה, Escape rooms, המטוס,אסקייפ רום

Various Difficulty Levels

You can choose the difficulty level you wish to experience - from beginer level to master escapers

Escape Rooms / Quest Rooms

Team Work

Team building can have a measurable, positive impact on team performance. in our rooms your group will experience the true purpose of team building. Benefits include:

· Everyone can participate regardless of skill, age, or athletic ability.
· Teams are aligned toward a shared purpose and goal.
· questair missions encourage shared problem solving and team idea generation.
· Team achievements and milestones are celebrated together.
· It’s fun!

What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are venues in which you and your team have 60 min to complete a mission and escape. in the room you will find real-life challenging riddles and puzzles, which will require team work and complex problem solving. you will need to find clues, solve riddles and complete missions in one or more rooms in order to escape!

Book a game!

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* In order to reserve the 00:00 (midnight) window and later - please choose the following day

* having trouble? - give us a call anytime!


:questions? contact us via the following:

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shefa tal 6, 1st floor, tel aviv

+972 54-915-5421 

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