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TOP Secret Riddles Game - Got What It Takes? Escape puzzle game with 12 puzzle cards and online improvement - in home games for adults, children 10+ - Stimulates creative thinking, 1-4 players


  • Do you have what it takes? - Test your puzzle solution with Top-Secret Escape Room Cards. To become secret intelligence agents, your team must work together to complete 12 exciting missions!

  • Immersive Experience - Immerse yourself in the excitement! Your interactive escape puzzle game comes alive with an online portal that checks your answers, gives you clues, and taunts you to the next level!

  • For Any Agent: Whether you're a pattern finder or a creative imaginary, use your strength. Designed by fighter pilots, your puzzles challenge all kinds of thinkers, giving each player time to shine.

  • Choose your players: gather your unit or remain a float to fulfill your mission. Designed for ages 10 and up, their escape room card game allows 1-4 players to find solutions while having loads of fun.

  • Spiro the Best Gift: Delight your favorite hobbyist or young family with Top-Secret board games and puzzles. Combining fast-paced fun with mental stimulation, your gift will be a hit.



Aspiring Agents, Now’s Your Chance

Test your investigative skills and join a top-secret unit with Top-Secret! Designed by air force fighter pilots, your escape game in a box features 12 intricate puzzle cards that lead you and your teammates through thrilling challenges. Scribble, search, and calculate, typing your findings into our interactive website. Do you have what it takes? Find out with your escape room game!

Solve Puzzles and Become a Spy

Immerse yourself in a world of riddles, codes, and secrets with your interactive game! Though complex in design, your game is simple to follow and includes helpful hints if you get stumped. Log onto the corresponding website using your game’s code to type in answers, check their validity, and complete your tryout’s stages. Pore over your 12 puzzle cards, investigating answers like a super spy, scribbling notes, calculating problems, and searching for answers. After you’ve completed all 12 cards and entered your correct answers, you officially become part of our top-secret intelligence unit!
Enjoy the game online over all platforms - at your computer, tablet, and smartphone!

For Team Players or Single Sleuths

Like all good board games, your puzzle game allows group or individual play, so you can plan your ideal game night. Intended for ages 10+, your 1-4 player at home games for adults and children let every agent show off his or her strengths. Gather your friends or family together for an exciting night of creative challenges and thrilling triumphs. Or enjoy a quiet evening flexing your own mental muscles and dominating puzzle after puzzle!

Give The Gift Whose Fun Is No Secret

Searching for the perfect gift for the game guru, aspiring spy, or fun-loving family in your life? Delight them with a puzzle game from Top-Secret! Interactive, immersive, and intelligent, your puzzle game is sure to cause laughter and create lasting memories.


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